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Give you an off-road electric bike, you can cross the mountains and the sea

Nowadays, crowdfunding is a very popular term, but crowdfunding is not always smooth sailing, which is why it can be so exciting when a company reverses this trend. One of these rare crowdfunding success stories is the TESGO electric-assisted bicycle launched in 2016, which is also Scandinavia's most profitable crowdfunding campaign. Now, the company is releasing its latest model Q5, let me take you to find out below.

TESGO is a company headquartered in China. When they first entered the market, electric bicycles were either "expensive or meaty", but they all saw their potential. He led their team to build the first TESGO bicycle, which is an economical vehicle designed for urban life. According to the founder, these bikes already have a fanatical and loyal following, and they have sold approximately 8,000 vehicles worldwide.
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Although the main customers of the first TESGO bicycle tend to live in cities, Q5 also expects to become an off-road electric bicycle. It is bigger, heavier, more powerful, and has an upgradeable trip computer system. In addition, it also has a series of color schemes, with options for all-terrain or street or sand tires, depending on the user's preferences.
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When you see the Q5 at the first glance, I believe you will be impressed by its design. With its agile shape, a dynamic frame and thick tires, it is like a lightweight motorcycle. In the process of riding, the appropriate soft and hard suspension, dexterous change of direction ability, and responsive braking system and speed-up system will definitely make you extremely enjoy the free shuttle in the city.
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However, the dynamic appearance and endurance have to sacrifice dexterity. Although it can be folded into the size of a trolley case in 3 simple steps, it is a 25 kg guy after all. You carry it and shuttle between floors. Not too easy.

The new Q5 has a higher power of 750W, is equipped with a 48V lithium-ion battery, has more powerful climbing and acceleration capabilities, a maximum cruising range of 80 kilometers, an 8-speed transmission and a high-definition LCD liquid crystal display. This Q5 has also made a special upgrade for the brake system, which can make braking more efficient and sensitive.
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Here are the highlights:
1. High-definition LCD liquid crystal display, which can display power, speed, mileage, etc.
2. 8-speed seamless switching transmission
3. Real-time assistance adjustment
4. Waterproof and dustproof
5. USB charging port
6. You can freely switch tires according to your preferences
7. Adjustable suspension
8. 100% forged 6061 all-aluminum alloy high-strength frame, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 150Kg
9, 2 colors are available
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In addition, you can also add related configurations according to personal preferences, such as: larger capacity batteries, high-strength shelves, tires that can adapt to various terrains, and so on.
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Currently, this bicycle is being crowdfunded by TESGO, with a minimum price of up to $1,299. The prototype design has been completed at this stage, and the parts, configuration and logistics system are currently being optimized. It can only be said that the design team is still full of sincerity and ambitious. Greener travel is also a popular trend today. Let us wait and see what kind of answer Q5 can hand over.
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