Introducing the Tesgo Hiker E-Bike: Your Ultimate Cargo Companion

Gear up for adventure and cargo-hauling like never before with the Tesgo Hiker E-Bike. This powerhouse is designed to conquer rugged terrains, carry heavy loads, and provide a comfortable ride for riders of all sizes.


Big Tires, Big Cargo Capability

The Tesgo Hiker boasts massive 26" wheels equipped with puncture-resistant 4" fat tires. This combination not only enhances stability on rough roads but also allows you to effortlessly navigate bumps and cracks. The cargo-style frame, featuring a unique step-thru design, facilitates easy side-loading of gear. With optional racks and seats, this e-bike transforms into a versatile cargo carrier, ready for any off-road excursion.


  • 26"x4" Puncture-resistant Fat Tires
  • Optional Racks & Seats
  • Ready for Heavy Cargo
  • Low Center of Gravity for Stability


Max Miles, Fast Charge

Powering this cargo beast is a colossal 60A battery, offering an incredible 120 miles of pure electric range and an astonishing 160 miles in pedal-assisted mode. The base version, equipped with a 30A battery, delivers an impressive 75 miles with throttle only and up to 90 miles in PAS mode. Charging is a breeze with the 8-hour supercharger for the 60A version.


  • 90/160 Miles Per Charge
  • 1440/2880 Wh Battery Capacity
  • 48V 30/60A Battery
  • 8-10 Hours Super Charging





Multifunction Display for Effortless Control

Stay in command with the backlight display, even in sunlight. The display provides crucial information, including battery capacity, speedometer, odometer, wattmeter, pedal assist level, and a USB port for your convenience.


750W Motor for Unmatched Power

The heart of the Tesgo Hiker is its 750W motor, delivering a top speed of 28 mph and a torque of 70 Nm. This motor ensures you can enjoy the full potential of the e-bike, with a maximum load capacity of 350 lbs.


  • 28 Mph Top Speed
  • 70Nm Motor Torque
  • 350 lbs Max Load
  • 5-Level PAS


Smart App for Seamless Control

Take control of your Tesgo Hiker with the dedicated app, offering all the essential information you need for a seamless riding experience.


Versatile Design for Every Need

Loaded with features like big tires, a frame ready for attachments, and support for optional front and rear racks and seats, the Tesgo Hiker is designed to adapt to your every cargo need.


Low Center of Gravity for Stability

Crafted from light and robust aluminum, the frame is meticulously designed to keep the tubes and battery as low as possible, ensuring optimal stability.


Perfect for Adults and Bigger Kids

Experience unmatched comfort, whether you're an adult rider or transporting taller kids. The Tesgo Hiker offers extra legroom, making it the ideal choice for family adventures.


Gear up, power on, and embark on a journey of cargo-hauling excellence with the Tesgo Hiker E-Bike. Your gear, your way—anywhere, anytime.


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