Hi, interested in becoming a Tesgo dealer?

We have 15 years of experience in the production of electric bicycles and have our own R&D team. We have 10,000 square meters of warehouses in the United States and Canada. We sell e-bikes at, and Amazon, and Walmart. You can buy in our products at distributor prices and sell them in your brick-and-mortar store to earn the price difference.We offer a flexible buy-in (start with as few as 10 ebikes), exclusive territories, and low minimums for free shipping on re-orders.

To begin the process, please complete the form below.Our B2B sales team will contact you.

NOTE: We are not opening drop-shipping accounts at this time.To be considered as a dealer, you'll need to hold inventory on-hand and have a brick and mortar location to serve walk-in customers for test rides, repairs, and service.

Become Our Dealer/ Retailer/Distributor

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