Tesgo Explorer VS Brand X Ebike

Today, we are going to compare our Explorer model with the famous Ebike brand. Although the two e-bikes have similar targeting of all-terrain e-bikes and share some similar characteristics, the first and most obvious difference between them is price. Tesgo Explorer only cost you $1,299 while it will be $300 higher if you choose the brand X. Based on the price difference, let's compare some specifications of two e-bikes:


Tesgo Explorer

Brand X








48V 17.5Ah

48V 17.5Ah


40-70 miles

35-60 miles

Maximum speed

28 mph

25 mph

Frame material

Aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy


26" x 4"

26" x 4"


Hydraulic disc brakes

Mechanical disc brakes


Step over


Weight Limit

350 lbs

350 lbs


As we can see, both e-bikes have a powerful 750W motor and use a 48V 17.5Ah battery. Due to the great battery management capacity, Tesgo Explorer can bring you 5-10 miles farther on average. In addition, the Tesgo bike has a higher maximum speed of 28 mph compared to Brand X maximum speed of 25 mph.

In terms of frame material and tires, both bikes use lightweight aluminum alloy and 26" x 4" tires. Despite having a full suspension system, Tesgo Explorer has better performance and a more comfortable experience with its Hydraulic fork and Four-Bar Linkage Suspension, reducing shocks from the front and back.

Another difference is the brakes--Tesgo Explorer has Hydraulic disc brakes while the brand X e-bike only uses Mechanical disc brakes, which provide superior stopping power and respond to light touch in all weather conditions.

As for the style, Tesgo Explorer is a step-over e-bike and brand X is a step-thru. Both are comfortable and ergonomic and how to choose depends on personal preference. In the customer’s view, a good practical e-bike should also bear enough weight. Both bikes can load 350 lbs at most, covering daily use and some special conditions.

Overall, both bikes have their strengths and weaknesses. The Tesgo bike has a higher maximum speed and better suspension system, while the Brand X e-bike has a slightly lighter weight. But there are other several advantages of Tesgo Explorer over Brand X, like better battery life with the same battery capacity, better-advanced brakes, and so on. In conclusion, Tesgo Explorer has many upgrades over Brand X at a much lower price, so it might be a better choice for your daily use and off-road adventures.


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