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Tesgo integrates research, development, production, and sales of e-bikes, founded in September 2016. Tesgo has its R&D base and a complete standard electric bike production and assembly line. Also, Tesgo respectively set up its warehouses in the U.S. and Canada and establishing a perfect distribution and after-sales service system. Tesgo developed rapidly and gained brilliant achievements. By the end of 2022.06,Tesgo sold more than 50,000 bikes over the US and Canada.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission And Vision


Provide affordable healthy and environmentally friendly electric transportation to everyone.


Provide more people with a green, environmentally friendly and portable lifestyle.

Tesgo's Culture

Since its inception, Tesgo has defined its mission - to produce eco-friendly, practical and high-quality electric bikes for its customers.
Tesgo advocates green travel, energy saving and environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, pursues harmony between man and nature, and is determined to promote a new mode of transportation.

Of course, users will always be Tesgo's top priority, and experience and needs are the basis of all Tesgo actions. Whether it is in the production process, product manufacturing, or design concept, Tesgo never gives up innovation and pursues higher standards, which is why Tesgo can keep making progress.

So we’ll always advocate the use of ebikes, whether you choose one of our models or a product from a competitor. That’s because we’ve realized—and we hope you will, too—that along with saving a lot of green (both for the environment and for your wallet), riding an ebike will bring smiles to your face and to those of future generations.

All Tesgo does is make a better electric bike for you.

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