Safety tips for riding an e-bike in 2023

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in riding electric bikes. With so many new riders joining this phenomenon, it's important to talk about safety. Every time you ride your e-bike, you need to be aware of how to minimize the risk. Everyone who uses e-bikes must follow all local regulations and safety precautions. Make sure you are familiar with the rules and regulations that will keep you safe while riding your electric bike before you get back on.

Here are 7 essential tips for riding an e-bike in 2023:

Wear a helmet:

According to studies, wearing a helmet lowers your risk of death and serious brain injury because the helmet absorbs most of the impact energy in a fall or crash, not your head and brain.

Check your feet:

Make sure you are wearing safe footwear when riding an e-bike. Avoid flip-flops or other shoes that are easy to lose. Also, tie your shoelaces tightly so they can not get caught in the chain or spokes. Never use an electric bike unless your feet are properly protected. Since e-bikes weigh much more than regular bikes, your choice of footwear is even more important.

Use mirrors:

Mirrors allow you to look behind you without moving your head. By using mirrors, you can shorten the time you take your eyes off the road, avoiding many risks.

Watch your speed and braking:

E-bikes reach a maximum speed of 28 mph. You can go even faster in places where the maximum speed is not regulated. When riding, watch your speed so you are not going too fast. Also, before you ride on roads or trails, practice braking earlier than you would on a regular bike. You will be safer if you know when to brake.

Watch out for other riders:

When approaching other bicyclists or pedestrians from behind, use a horn, bell, or verbal warning to alert them. You may not be heard, so be ready. Also, be aware of any bicyclists behind you.

Be visible:

When you are riding an electric bicycle, you need to be able to see and be seen. Anywhere you ride your bike, visibility can help you avoid collisions. You can avoid collisions with other cars on the road. When you are off the road, better visibility makes it easier for other road users to avoid you.

Ride like a vehicle:

When riding your electric bike, you need to act as if you were driving a vehicle on the road. You can make yourself safer by following the rules of the road.


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