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Tesgo Explorer #color_black

Full Suspension Fat Tire E-Bike

Tesgo Explorer
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  • The improved inner ring and strong 750W gear hub motor are features of the Explorer.
  • Explorer is loaded with premium features including a massive 48V battery for speeds up to 28MPH and up to a 70-mile riding range.
  • With a removable battery, you can charge the ebike more conveniently.
  • Additionally, it uses coil suspension and a sturdy high-end mountain bike four-bar linkage suspension to smooth out any humps on the trail.
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    Tesgo Bicycles Black Tesgo Challenger

    Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

    Tesgo Challenger
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  • The challenger is a mountain ebike with equipped with a torque sensor and 500W gear hub motor.
  • With a 48V battery, the Challenger can reach 40 - 70 miles and a top speed of 25 MPH.
  • With a removable battery, you can charge the ebike more conveniently.
  • Torque sensor not only helps to provide an excellent riding experience but also helps to detect and adapt to different situations such as riding uphill or riding fast on a flat straight.
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    What is the right ebike for me and what are the main features?

    There are many ebikes depending on your needs in the market, actually as the electric motor allows the bike to deliver power that's not possible with conventional bikes even some new use cases are possible. When choosing the right ebike one should first consider the main categories of electric bikes and then what features in that subclass are important to them. The main classes of Tesgo's ebikes are roughly the following:

    All terrain
    Fat Tire E-Bike 

    Fat tire e-bikes have wider-than-average tires that offer improved stability and traction, making them ideal for rough or soft terrains like sand or snow. They provide a more comfortable and secure riding experience, making them suitable for various adventurous activities. Previously the contentional fat tire bikes were mostly for hobbyist and niche use as the bigger tires are heavier to pedal with but now they are an excellent choice for everyone as the electric motor makes them very easy to pedal and with full throttle mode they can actually deliver a motorbike feeling experience. Enhanced stability make them especially good choice for people with mobility and balance issues and of course the original use in off-roading is top class as well.

    Everyday Bike
    Commuter City Electric Bike

    Commuter city-ebikes are designed for urban travel, prioritizing features like lightweight frames, efficient gearing, and comfortable riding positions. These bikes are perfect for daily commuting, offering a practical, eco-friendly, and convenient transportation solution in the city. When you think of bikes this model is the closest to your classic everyday bike suitable for suburbs and city from teens to elderly.

    SUV Of E-Bikes
    Cargo E-Bikes 

    Cargo e-bikes are specifically designed to carry heavy loads or cargo. They have sturdy frames and often feature extended rear racks or cargo compartments. They're increasingly popular for urban logistics and family transportation. Where the latter is actually proving to be one of the most popular uses. These bikes are very customizable and you can attach almost anyhing to them: running boards, rear seats for kids, front, rear and side baskets, bottle and phone holders and more.

    Take It With You
    Folding E-Bikes 

    Folding e-bikes are designed for portability and space-saving. They can be easily folded for storage or transportation, making them ideal for city commuters or travelers who need a compact, convenient, and eco-friendly mode of transport. There are many kinds of foldables in the market like mini ebikes, folding cargo ebikes and 20"x4" fat tire ebikes which is now the most popular model of folding e-bikes as they have other features required to make them especially good for sightseeing travelers.

    Other features of E-Bikes to consider

    Other than the type of your ebike the other features that affect your ride quality include also suspension and material used

    Smoothest Ride
    Full Suspension

    Full suspension on bikes means they are equipped with both front and rear shock absorbers, enhancing ride comfort and control. This feature is particularly valuable for off-road, mountain biking and fast ebikes, as it helps absorb bumps and impacts, providing a smoother and more stable experience.

    Light and sturdy
    Carbon Fiber

    It's the top class material used for the most premium ebikes on the market. Bicycles constructed with carbon fiber frames and components are known for their lightweight and high-performance qualities. Carbon fiber offers exceptional strength and rigidity, making it an excellent choice for off-road mtb e-bikes and fast electric bikes, providing an advantage in speed and agility.